Arcade starts a collaboration with the premium brand Enviolo


Published on 10/06/2021

Arcade starts a collaboration with the premium brand Enviolo. The electric bike brand from Nantes Reine Bike allowed us to discover Enviolo.

In 2019, Stéphane Grégoire’s Reine Bike project seduced François Lucas, the CEO of Arcade.

The Reine Bike was then designed and assembled in association with Arcade Cycles.

This was the right opportunity for both companies: Reine Bike relied on the expertise of the company and Arcade proved its expertise on a different, distinctive bike for a private customer base.

The Enviolo hub with integrated gears and continuous variation was the solution to Reine Bike’s needs and desires.

“Together we are able to provide the best possible shifting solution for every rider.”

Frédéric Lucas, Deputy director at Arcade Cycles


Continuous manual gearshift

A unique product innovation with ever stronger and more intelligent components. Thanks to this new stepless transmission technology, you can effortlessly change your transmission ratio, even under load. With its automatic solution, Enviolo creates all the conditions for absolute driving comfort.

The chain is protected by a casing and the rear cogs are hidden in the centre of the wheel, they are not operated by a classic selector but with an Enviolo continuous variator installed in the handle and connected to the hub of the rear wheel.

This allows the user to concentrate on the important aspects of the journey: the traffic and the scenery. No more changing stages, blocked gears, pedalling in vain or squeaking.

It is for all these advantages that Arcade chooses Enviolo with conviction! It is the choice of a reliable and recognized partner for a state-of-the-art technology to bring more comfort and elegance to Arcade Cycles’ bikes.

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