Bicycode, bicycle marking

What is BICYCODE®? Bicycode marking is a bicycle identification system, set up by the FUB (French Federation of Bicycle Users) in 2004, to prevent bicycle theft.

The Bicycode number is affixed to the frame of the bicycle by means of a tamper-proof label. This method has been approved by the French government and has proven fraud-proof.

étiquette inviolable

Bicycode, the main anti-theft device

Since the beginning of this year 2021, all sold bicycles must be identified and registered in the FNUCI (Unique National File of Identified Bicycles).

Arcade Cycles, forerunner in bicycle marking since 2010, maintains its trust by choosing BICYCODE as an approved operator by the Association for the Promotion and Identification of Bicycles.

With the Bicycode, Arcade takes care of marking your bikes and registering them in your name on the FNUCI.

If someone finds your bike after a theft – and if you have reported the theft on the site and to the police – this person will be able to consult the status of your cycle on the APIC site (Association for the Promotion and Identification of Bicycles) and thus report it to the police.

Arcade Cycles, as a precursor of the Bicycode, wants to make things easier for you and to guarantee you the best possible service. Thus, the marking service and the automatic transmission of the unique numbers to the FNUCI are invoiced at €7 per bike, this sum is included in the full price of the bike.