Our commitments

Why choose Arcade?

High-quality bicycles for a long-lasting use

Arcade Cycles’s expertise is conceiving and assembling high-quality bicycles in a very short time.

Arcade’s bicycles are conceived and assembled for an intense use and to resist poor weather. Beautiful and robust, you will love Arcade bicycles!

Thanks to our experience with fleets of bicycles for demanding professional customers, we are able to offer you reliable bicycles with a minimum of maintenance.

  • Aluminium frames for lightness, reinforced welds
  • Anti-puncture tyres very effective against glass, nails, thorns…
  • Reinforced, pinch-resistant air chambers
  • Shimano complete units for reliability or Shimano gearbox and roller brake integrated into the hubs
  • Anti-corrosion chain for longer life and better performance
  • Stainless steel spokes, double wall rims
  • Aluminium pedals with hardened steel ball bearings
  • Li-ion-polymer battery
  • Anti-corrosion stainless steel screws and accessories

No detail is left to chance!

Drive shaft, ride chainless and greaseless!

Arcade Cycles is the reference player in Europe for bikes with drive shaft, which we have specialised in since 2005. This technology has several advantages:

Ride stress-free and greaselessly with higher security and cleanliness!

cardan moka
  • Cleanliness: no more grease on the bottom of the trousers;
  • Safety: no more derailed chains;
  • Durability: the fully protected Shimano Nexus drive system in the rear hub is splash-proof and highly resistant in the event of a fall;
  • Low maintenance: reliable and durable, the system that replaces the chain and derailleur requires no special maintenance;
  • Smooth gear change: the gear change is carried out independently of pedalling.

Arcade has a strong position in the Electrically Assisted Bicycle segment – Our star bicycles: the Vitality, a bike close to your desires, simple, powerful and silent. The Moka, a bike that does not go unnoticed, designed and developed for intensive use. We offer a wide range of beautiful bikes that are built to last.

Professionalism as a source of quality

Since 2014, Arcade is involved in a process of close monitoring for continuous improvement. Every morning, 10 minutes are dedicated to discuss what works and what does not.

The team is the driving force behind the improvements that can be implemented and it determines its criteria so that at each stage of production, failure is minimised. Quality is applied at each stage of production, each person at his or her post practices self-checking and is responsible for the quality of his or her work.

groupe arcade

More than 100 professionals at your service: fitters, mechanics, painters, welders, quality controllers, warehousemen, sales assistants, technical sales staff, accountants, designers, design engineers, quality managers, etc. As many competent professionals as it takes to guarantee the quality of Arcade products.

The Arcade Service is the ability of a close-knit team, totally dedicated to the service of its customers, to produce small and medium-sized customised series of bicycles, to deliver the next day and to ensure a rapid and efficient after-sales service.

Our sales consultants design your bikes with you. You choose the aesthetics and comfort of the frame, the components and accessories, the paintwork and customised branding.

The Arcade Service also means that your bike will be maintained and repaired under warranty or out of warranty by the Arcade approved repairer closest to you. This title is obtained after having followed a training course led by our after-sales service to learn how to maintain and repair our bikes efficiently.

From your business account, make your online service requests a priority.

100% designed and assembled in France

From its workshop in La Roche-sur-Yon in Vendée, Arcade Cycles makes the difference through the innovations of its design office.

From design to assembly, including the drawings and 3D plans, everything takes place in La Roche-sur-Yon.

Choose the colour, decorations, components and accessories and we do the rest!

Arcade Cycles, it’s an efficient logistics to deliver you in a very short time.

3000 m² of fully racked storage space. With a permanent stock of all the bikes in the range and more than 1000 references of spare parts mounted on our bikes, referenced and available for many years.

Arcade 2020 Logistic Project

Corporate Social Responsability

Arcade Cycles is a historic family business with strong values: trust – the most important of all -, customer focus and professionalism. We want to become in the future a company with a positive impact. The world and attitudes are changing, and so are we. We must do more for the climate, for the success and well-being of all those who work with us.

The aim is to be as exemplary as the product we make. To this end, we are developing several responsible policies:

  • A responsible purchasing and supplier approach to buy better/less, closer to the factory, from partners who share the same objective.
  • A reinforced commitment to the collection and recycling of our industrial waste. This includes both our factory waste and the recycling of used bicycles that we put on the market.
  • An ambitious training policy for the company’s employees. The company’s primary mission is to ensure its continuity through the personal and collective development of the team that drives it.

We want, step by step and at our level, to contribute to a better consideration of the social and ecological impact of our industrial activity.

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