Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Arcade means an expertise in designing and assembling quality bikes that are robust and reliable, suitable for intensive use and easy to maintain. Our bikes are assembled with the best components on the market: Shimano, Bafang, Suntour, Schwalbe, Selle Royal, Axa, Thun and many others are our partners. Innovation is at the heart of the Arcade DNA. The Arcade service is a close-knit team totally dedicated to serving its customers.

Visit your nearest Arcade Premium retailer.

For a list of our authorised resellers, go to this page and enter your postcode.

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Arcade customisation is reserved for our professional customers, subject to an order of at least 10 bikes of the same model.

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Battery life depends on various factors.

  • 10Ah : average range of 40 to 70km (depending on use)
  • 13Ah : average range of 60 to 90km (depending on use)
  • 17Ah : average range of 80 to 120km (depending on use)

These figures then vary:

  • depending on the use of the assistance mode: the more you use it at a high level, the faster the battery will be discharged;
  • the type of course: depending on the elevation gain and the type of surface;
  • and finally, the weight of the rider, the weight of the bike and accessories, such as a baby carrier, will have an impact on the battery life.

To choose the size of your bike, please refer to our guide below according to your size:

Choosing the right size – Adults

  • S ~ 59 – 65 in
  • M ~ 63 – 69 in
  • L ~ 67 – 73 in
  • XL ~ 71 – 77 in
  • XXL ~ 77 in and above

Choosing the right size – Children

  • S ~ 35,5 – 43 in
  • M ~ 43 – 53 in
  • L ~ 53 – 59 in

General warranty conditions for all Arcade bikes

GOODS GUARANTEE: The goods guarantee is limited to the free supply of the part intended to replace the one acknowledged to be defective, with all shipping costs, outward and return, to be paid by the customer. This guarantee is for:

  • 5 years on the frame under normal conditions of use;
  • 2 years on cycle components and batteries;
  • 1 year on suspension forks, electrical components and special vehicles;

Any complaint about parts or frames will only be settled after our quality department has carried out an assessment.

REMINDER: If your battery has not been recharged after a period of inactivity of more than 3 months, the warranty will not apply. Any opening of the electrical components (battery, motor, charger, controller) will void this warranty. Normal wear and tear, i.e. tyres, tubes, chains, sprockets, brake linings, handles, etc. are not covered by the warranty. The guarantee will also be denied if damage has been caused by accident or abnormal use (off-road, beach, water, stairs, etc.).

Don’t throw away your used batteries, come and drop them off at one of the many Corepile collection points.

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To find out more about our responsible contribution to Corepile, see our article on the subject.

You will find the prices of our bikes on their product sheet. For more information, please contact your nearest Arcade retailer.

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Our advice is to visit your nearest Premium Arcade dealer. They will be able to personally advise you according to your needs and desires.

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We have a retail shop in La Roche-sur-Yon located on the factory site where you will find the Arcade range as well as out-of-stock bikes. Sales are made in shop only – no delivery possible. The warranty applies in the shop where the bike was sold, so you cannot go through an Arcade dealer for the warranty of your bike.

If your home is far from our shop, it is best to go through one of our premium Arcade Cycles dealers.

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To find out the expected delivery date for a bike you have booked, please contact directly your Arcade dealer for information.

To find out about the availability of one of our models, please contact your nearest dealer directly. Availability or delivery times for each bike may differ from one dealer to another.

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You must contact the sales administration department and request the change. The contact details of your sales agent were given to you when you created your professional account.

Go to the professional area and follow the forgotten password procedure. You will need your email address and your customer code.

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You must contact the sales administration department and request the change. The contact details of your sales agent were given to you when you created your professional account.