LOCVELO and Arcade at the service of cities!


Published on 02/06/2021

LOCVELO, a specialist in bicycle management software, and Arcade Cycles, have joined forces to combine their expertise and values.

Together we are able to offer a revolutionary fleet management package for a smooth customer relationship.

By combining LOCVELO’s innovation and technological progress with Arcade’s experience and international presence, we are able to offer our customers quality connected bicycles adapted to their business and immediately available in their management system.

“LOCVELO (Internet management software publisher) and Arcade Cycles, two leading companies in their respective markets, have decided to create a strong partnership to provide their joint customers with new and unique functionalities on the market. The Arcade VAEs will therefore be “LOCVELO Ready” by installing a LOCVELO smart beacon to collect information on the use of the bicycles, and offer very strong combined services.”

Sébastien Beugin, deputy director at LOCVELO

These new offers are based on our expertise in order to respond to the multiple uses of electric bikes and the future connected bike. LOCVELO and Arcade are the alliance that will make your life easier. Together, they offer the most flexible and comprehensive range of products to meet the needs of towns and cities.

Combining innovation and experience

clients locvelo

~ The LOCVELO adventure began in 2015, when the Greater Poitiers urban area asked LOCVELO to manage their fleet of long-term rental bicycles and electric bikes. The founders of LOCVELO have backgrounds in the automotive, IT and electric bike industries.

On the strength of this experience, LOCVELO has developed “ProLoc”, a comprehensive web-based long-term rental management software for towns and cities. The software is constantly evolving in order to meet the needs of customers within a legal framework and a high availability of service in compliance with data protection regulations. A LOCVELO beacon is being developed in partnership with Arcade to make bicycles communicative and to provide additional services for their customers.

This will optimise maintenance and protect the bikes against theft. ProLoc manages, on behalf of its customers, more than 10,000 bicycles and electric bikes with numerous functionalities. ProLoc is also in Full Digital (entirely dematerialized rental).

~ Founded in 1995, Arcade Cycles is a French assembler specialises in the design, manufacture and assembly of city and electrically-assisted bicycles for various types of customers: self-service bicycle operators, rental companies, towns and cities, and retailers to individuals and companies. Arcade is the expert in the rental business.

A Vendée-based SME with a strong service culture, focused on customer service. Arcade has sold fleets of bicycles to nearly 200 cities in 28 countries – with the capacity to produce small and medium-sized customised series, in very short lead times. In 25 years, Arcade has developed a wide range of beautiful bikes that are built to last.

In addition to being present worldwide, Arcade is spreading the adoption of the connected electric bike by allowing all types of customers to integrate this offer, and to enrich their existing service thanks to the connectivity and fleet management tools enabled by LOCVELO.

«  Innovation is at the heart of Arcade’s DNA and LOCVELO is an ideal partner to open this new phase of development.  »

Frédéric Lucas

Deputy director at Arcade Cycles

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