Vélosophy, a promise of solidarity


Published on 24/05/2021

Have you heard of Vélosophy? Vélosophy is an environmental project created by Jimmy Östholm, following a concept or circularity. Photo credit : Instagram - @velosophy.cc

It is a solidarity bike imagined in 2016 in partnership with Nespresso, and assembled in Vendée (France), at Arcade Cycles.

The frame of each bicycle is produced from 300 Nespresso pods combined with aluminium.

Arcade Cycles is proud to offer its skills and experience to this initiative.

Every time a bicycle is sold, Vélosophy offers a new bike to a schoolgirl living in a developing country, in order to bring her hope.

Jimmy Östholm, the founder of the Vélosophy Swedish brand talks about his project with the team of online media Brut.

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